Making ceramics is my passion! I love to explore the feel of clay in my hands and the different effects it can produce. I work with stoneware clays and fine porcelain and enjoy experimenting with different glazes and firings to create contrasting colours, finishes and textures. All my work is individually handmade and every piece is unique.

My sculptural work is inspired by my love of nature and animals. My large Pear  and Apple sculptures which are being exhibited at artEast 2023, are lovingly made with coils of clay and take several weeks to complete.. Each Pear  and Apple has its own shape and character and makes a great centre piece in any home..Mine has pride of place on my kitchen island!

The horses, birds  and sheep all start off as a ball of clay, from which I create the form. I spend a lot of time perfecting each piece, ensuring I bring movement and life to every one. My ceramic forms are smooth and flowing, with their own individual character. I wish to inspire people to pick them up, hold them and enjoy the feel and weight in their hands.

In contrast, my bowls are made with slabs and coils to give a multi- textured finish. They are then fired in my studio at very high temperatures using both matt and glossy glazes, which interact with one another to create further texture and complexity. The bowls bring together many of  the different colours of my collection.

The website shows a wide selection of my work. I am constantly making new work, so please get in touch if you would like more details. Viewings at my studio can be arranged by appointment. I would love to show you around! My work can also be found at ArtEast, Suffolk, ArtforCure, Suffolk,   Vanil, Woodbridge, MF Gallery Ipswich,  Reallyverynice Gallery, Bury St Edmunds